The Sea and the Sky

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On my way back from somewhere a while¬†ago I decided to walk down to the sea front. The thing about moving to a place near the sea is that when you first get there it’s all “Whoo — the SEA! But by the time you’ve been living there a while you’ve seen it so much that the novelty wears off and you go into ‘whatever’ mode. Sometimes it’s because you’re just too busy to stop and take a look and at others times it’s because you can’t actually see the sea for the hordes of day-trippers and tourists that take over the place. Not that I mind them — I’ve spend most of my life living in tourist destinations and honestly believe that the pluses outweigh the minuses. Anyway,this day the place was strangely deserted and I took this picture:

No big deal but I’m trying to use my camera as much as possible to improve my (non-existent) photographic skills. I was attempting to photograph only the sky but accidentally got the lamp post and other stuff (including an entire pier) in by mistake. It looks excessively blue for some reason and also a bit gloomy — but it was around nine at night by then and I was getting a little creeped out hanging around there on my own (tourists by day but some ‘unusual’ characters when night falls…).

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