Victorian Era Hairstyles

This photograph of a woman from the Victorian era is the first one I’ve come across were is sitter has a short hairstyle. I know the ‘Victorian era’ covers roughly a 100 year time span and that there were a wide variety of hairstyles within that time but I think it was very unusual for a woman to have short hair then.

There was a trend during that time to have shorter hair at the front, with most of the hair was pulled back in a bun — but this woman seems to have a genuinely short hairstyle. Many woman had their hair so severely damaged by hot curling irons that it either broke off or it was so damaged it had to be cut — so perhaps that is what happened here.

Also, I’ve read that some working class women in Victorian times kept their hair short but her outfit looks quite expensive so I don’t thinkĀ  she looks poor — though you never can tell (she may have been a talented seamstress, who made her own clothes). Her top looks mostly lovely — but not so much the cuffs.

The woman’s name was Lina Bird, the photographer Alvan S Harper and the source here.

Victorian Hairstyles

These Victorian women look to be from the same family and they — or their servants — must have spent hours putting together these elaborate hairstyles.

I know these hairstyles were probably very fashionable at the time but I think they are highly unflattering. The dresses, on the other hand, have got some trussed-up appeal but I’m not that keen on those wide cuffs (a pet hate). The women look as if they have great figures but most of that will be due to corsets (that seems quite a bitchy comment, when I read it back…).