Historical Hottie: Bad Boy Thief

A 1902 mugshot of a good looking bad boy who was arrested at North Shields Police Station in England. I was in two minds whether to put him in the Historical Hottie or the Mugshot category (a grave decision indeed) but — look at that cheeky face — the epitome of Dead Cute, so he deserves to join the other beauties of yesteryear. I need to leave moral judgements out of the equation when choosing Historical Hotties — and perhaps the little darling only stole to feed his family or was motivated by some other noble desire. And he’s called James — my very favourite male name — I’ve never met a James I did not like. So, having navigated through this stringent qualifying procedure — almost scientific in its rigor — this charmer is in:

Source: Tyne and Wear collection

Historical Hotties: Unidentified Woman

A photograph of a woman from the 1890′s. She’s clearly beautiful and her outfit and jewellery are gorgeous:

The women is unidentified and from a collection in the State Library of Queensland. I wonder if she was an actress or someone well-known at the time. She — and her pose — look so polished, as if she was no stranger to the camera. Or perhaps she was just a self-composed individual, confident of her beauty. I’m also wondering if that is a jet fob watch chain she has on her dress? We bought one recently to put in the shop but haven’t got around to it yet. Jet was usually associated with mourning jewellery but I don’t think she is in mourning garb — that dress — that totally wonderful dress — was probably an a rich dark colour which obviously wouldn’t show up in that image.