Strange Little Vintage Dolls

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Another two little strange broken dolls I picked up a while back. The first one is minus arms and legs and has quite a peculiar faceĀ  — slightly sinister. I got it at an antiques fair and the people who were selling it did not know anything about its origin. We have quite a lot of antique German doll parts but I don’t think this one was made in Germany and it may be vintage as opposed to antique.

The next one is German, I believe, and much older. It is pretty filthy and looks at if its been underground for a good many years. I’m calling it a doll but it may have been a figurine.

I never clean the dolls — and leave it to the buyer to decide just how much signs of age they want to remove from them. If they are to be used for artwork — as many of them are — it might be decided to use them ‘as is’.


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