Good Girl Gone Bad

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I like this image from Tumblr — mainly because I love the creation the girl’s wearing in her hair (I’d wear that in a heartbeat):

I didn’t know where the image came from but after a little research I found it was from an old book of cautionary tales on the evils that lie in wait for innocent girls in dance halls and other places of ill-repute. Some more images:

So, some cad wines and dines a poor working girl (not in the ‘oldest profession’ meaning of the term), lowers her defences by means of plying her with drink and whispered sweet nothings, then leads her to a hotel and a fate worse than death. We may scoff at the moralising here but when you really think about it the message in the book makes a lot of sense, given the way society was at that time. If a girl found herself ‘in trouble’ following her encounter it’s unlikely that the bounder would be staying around to play Daddy.


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