Vintage Holiday Haunts Book

Some images from a vintage travel book we bought:

The book was published by British Railways just before the outbreak of WW2 and is full of holiday destinations within the British Isles.

Looks very civilised. Can you image if train travel was like that just now –  instead of us all being squashed in like sardines? Things are a lot better if you travel first class, of course, but I’ve only done that on two occasions — both on the overnight sleeper train from Scotland to London. I had thought I might arrive at my destination refreshed from a good nights sleep but on one occasion the person in the next compartment snored and snorted like a wounded warthog all night (I’m just surmising that’s how those beasts sound) and on the other occasion my neighbour  –  a weedy little fellow who I caught a brief glance of when we boarded the train –  spent the whole night banging cases about and nosily rearranging something; I know not what the something was  — there’s only so much rearranging one can do in a place that size, especially when it has no furniture — perhaps it was a poltergeist….

Good Girl Gone Bad

I like this image from Tumblr — mainly because I love the creation the girl’s wearing in her hair (I’d wear that in a heartbeat):

I didn’t know where the image came from but after a little research I found it was from an old book of cautionary tales on the evils that lie in wait for innocent girls in dance halls and other places of ill-repute. Some more images:

So, some cad wines and dines a poor working girl (not in the ‘oldest profession’ meaning of the term), lowers her defences by means of plying her with drink and whispered sweet nothings, then leads her to a hotel and a fate worse than death. We may scoff at the moralising here but when you really think about it the message in the book makes a lot of sense, given the way society was at that time. If a girl found herself ‘in trouble’ following her encounter it’s unlikely that the bounder would be staying around to play Daddy.