Unusual Vintage Doll

I’ve just put another doll in the main shop. I’ve put it in the ‘Broken’ section, as it needs re-strung. I think it’s an early composition doll but can’t find any markings on it. It has lots of chips and I know some people restore these dolls so they look the way they did when they were made but I prefer them ‘as is’ and like to see the age on them.

I think this doll has a pretty unusual face — but I don’t find it creepy (unlike some Victorian dolls). Looks like a boy doll to me  — despite evidence to the contrary.

A Very Peculiar Doll

I’ve had this doll in the main shop for a while now and I don’t think it will be selling anytime soon. As dolls go it is more than a little on the weird side but I genuinely think it has a lovely expressive face (though one I might not want to see turning up in my dreams).

It is clearly handmade, with a cloth body and a painted face — I think the head may be papier-mâché but I’m not sure. It looks to be a good age and has numerous repairs all over it. I’m going to give it a while longer before I break my own rules and keep it for myself. I may put it in my window to scare off intruders…