1900 Moving Sidewalk

Two lovely photochromes from the Exposition Universelle — a world fair which took place in Paris from April to November 1900. The first one isĀ  related to the opening ceremony, I think:

And this one is of the moving sidewalk, which was in use during the exhibition:

But — even better — here’s an amazing piece of film on the moving sidewalk in action — I really love this:

Photochrome of a Beach in France

Photochromes can be so lovely to look at — this one is of a beach in France and dates from around 1890:

Photochromes pre-date colour photography and are a sort of cross between a photograph and a print. The heyday of these types of images was from around 1890 to 1910. With the invention of colour photography photochromes were rarely produced and most firms who made them went out of business by the 1930′s.