Garden Bugs

I’ve been trying to photograph garden bugs and insects. There’s lots of these little guys around:

They seem to destroy everything in their path¬† — or perhaps they’re just innocently dawdling by after the slugs have been munching all night.

I’m using this brilliant site: Bugs in the Garden to try to identify them. It may take a while, as its harder than you might think.

After the Rain

I took a couple of photographs in the garden after it had rained — my very favourite time:

I accidently stood on a snail — which I feel bad about, even though they eat the plants and leave a trail of destruction. I didn’t photograph the aftermath…

We put the roses in the wrong place and will soon be pricked by the thorns¬† — we will have to move them further back. I can’t have enough plants, I want the garden to be a sea of them. I wish I knew the names of them all. I checked out the Royal Horticultural Society website and saw this:

I got the name of this — it’s the Great Black Masterwort. I’d buy it for that name alone. I like the RHS site and I think I’ll buy some plants from their shop.

Relentless Rain

Sometimes I feel like the rain will never stop — all this summer — relentless rain. I love the rain so much that it doesn’t bother me to see it and be in it — but I know if this continues for much longer we will all have problems. Gardens love it, of course, and mine is blooming and all is lush:

Even the ones tucked away in the shade are growing well:

But snails and slugs love all this abundance too and are out in force, munching on the leaves. Sometimes we put dishes of beer out for them but it hardly works and feels cruel. This next one — they love, the leaves on one side are almost gone:

Sometimes the rain stops for a couple of days and the sun blasts out. Suddenly the plants are dry so we rush out first thing in the morning with our baby watering can and give them a drink:

Then we go to an antiques fair and the heavens open and we always end up like this:

Here’s a little piece of film from the BBC — from last month — where someone tries to explain why we are having so much rain. The ‘jet stream’, I think.