Strange Little Vintage Dolls

Another two little strange broken dolls I picked up a while back. The first one is minus arms and legs and has quite a peculiar faceĀ  — slightly sinister. I got it at an antiques fair and the people who were selling it did not know anything about its origin. We have quite a lot of antique German doll parts but I don’t think this one was made in Germany and it may be vintage as opposed to antique.

The next one is German, I believe, and much older. It is pretty filthy and looks at if its been underground for a good many years. I’m calling it a doll but it may have been a figurine.

I never clean the dolls — and leave it to the buyer to decide just how much signs of age they want to remove from them. If they are to be used for artwork — as many of them are — it might be decided to use them ‘as is’.


Vintage Doll Heads

I’ve quite a few vintage doll heads and other doll parts in the store and have a lot more to add in once I have the time. Some of the antique doll parts are tiny and mostly dug up from old doll factories in Germany. This one is quite a large one — so not from a miniature doll and it seems to be unmarked but I don’t think it is German.

I think people use the smaller doll parts to make things — artwork, jewellery or as an antique element in the new doll. They’re also good to have around just as they are and make interesting keepsakes in their own peculiar little way. Bigger ones, like the doll in the picture are good on a shelf or deskĀ  — just sitting there, looking intriguingly strange. People always want to pick them up and have a look at them, so they’re a sure-fire talking point.