Already Thinking of Christmas

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I don’t know why I am — but I am…  Thinking of Christmas that is. I know even mentioning it in June — when we haven’t even had a summer — is somewhat beyond the pale but it just came upon me and might wear off. There’s a kind of hate thing going on with stores, etc who bring in their Christmas-themed stuff too early. I understand the irritation but personally it can never come soon enough — say around August  (I’m kidding but not much). I know its all about cynical attempts to squeeze the last of our cash out of us but I don’t care, as you don’t need to spend anything to soak up the atmosphere.

I think it was this little vintage playing card that brought my Christmasitus:

The card’s in my store and  will probably still be there next year because the shop is very difficult to find (I don’t advertise the store, mostly because I kind of like its tucked-awayness). I love vintage skiing images, especially when they’re tied in with Christmas. It reminds me of those old Christmas movies where a group of friends take off to a remote (but mysteriously fully-stocked) ski lodge for an impromptu Christmas get together. Something like Wham tried to recreate but in the much cooler 30′s.

I like this too (partly because my Daddy also liked the ponies). Christmasy and funny. Utter perfection:

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