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What you’ll find here: lots of images of vintage photographs for a start. I love old photographs, antique illustrations and ephemera. I especially love photographs with people in them — because it is those that really bring the past alive (and I like to see what they’re wearing). I’m increasingly interested in vintage scientific illustrations — so you’ll be seeing a good number of those here.

I also like to see things that have been dug up (not bodies) and I live with a fossil hunter, so I’ll probably try to inflict some of that stuff on you. Clips of obscure old movies will appear here every now and then. And I sell vintage and antique curiosities and oddities — so I’ll be writing about those and posting updates on new items. But, basically, it will just be anything out-of-the-ordinary which catches my eye.


I run the Larkin & Catcher online store. It’s a strange little place and not to everyone’s taste — full of peculiar little objects.

I also have another blog called Inside a Strange Garden. That blog has been going for a while and has a little bit of everything¬† — it’s more mainstream than this blog but it covers a lot of topics.

And here’s my Tumblr

And More

I’m putting a little shop page on this blog, where you can buy the odd (sometimes very odd) little antique or vintage object. It seems like a good idea, so I’m going to try it out to see how it works out.